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FERC approves DATC request to resell SLTP capacity

May 14, 2019

Earlier today, FERC issued a brief order approving DATC’s May 15, 2019 SLTP FPA section 205 filing requesting commission authorization to resell capacity on the San Luis Transmission Project.

From the order: The Commission finds that DATC’s proposed rate schedule is just and reasonable and not unduly discriminatory or preferential. DATC’s proposal presents a unique public-private partnership that will create new transmission capacity provided at lower rates for Reclamation’s load than could be provided without the proposed line. Transmission service will be provided pursuant to the terms of the Western Tariff. Furthermore, the rate schedule includes a prohibition on affiliate sales, and DATC commits to host a competitive solicitation process for the capacity remaining after the reassignment to Reclamation. Accordingly, the Commission accepts the proposed DATC SLTP Rate Schedule effective May 15, 2019, as requested.

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